In this episode of the Incredible Hult podcast I sit down with author, entrepreneur, technologist, futurist, and AI expert - Byron Reese to talk about his new book that I LOVED "Stories, Rocks, and Dice That Think"

In this episode, Brian Kelly stops by to talk about his amazing new book AERIAL: Grand Rapids From Above which you can check out here:

What a treat to spend some time with my friend Skot Welch from Global Bridge Builders to talk about what is going on in the country in an episode he and I are calling "Peace + Joy"

Ken Evans joins the podcast to talk about politics, sheltering-in-place, murder hornets, the UFC and how radio is doing these days after all the cuts. This is a big episode and I hope you enjoy it. 


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There is a saying the creative adult is the child that survived - Alex is the embodiment of that idea. She is currently entertaining people by dressing up as Post Malone so you can check those videos out at TikTok and on Instagram. 


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My mother has studied and taught Tai Chi over the past three decades and can bring a sense of calm into your lives. We talk about theology, traditions, and the art of Tai Chi (moving meditation) I hope you enjoy this episode. 

Ryan Vaughn is an entrepreneur and someone I admire deeply, recently he has been writing on mindfulness and I thought tonight it would be fun to explore how meditation might help you find answers to some of the hard questions we are all confronted with on a near-daily basis these days. 

Ryan Vaughn 


Drew jumps on the podcast to talk about life as a sports radio host in a world devoid of sports and then we spend some time talking about comic books and which ones we are reading during the pandemic. 

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Chris Andrus is one of the founders and co-owner of The Mitten Brewing in Grand Rapids, MI. He is the author of the book Dough Nation: How Pizza (and Small Businesses) Can Change the World and what he and his business partner Max are doing for their community right now is incredible - so we found a few minutes to chat about what is happening with him. 

Mitten Brewing Co

April 13, 2020

Ep 74: Monkeywrench VOL 1

On this episode, I reached out to my friends to see what they have been listening to while in quarantine and what happened was a mixtape to celebrate where we are right now. 

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