This time last year Brian Kelly launched his own podcast called Full Exposure with Brian Kelly, 25 episodes later what can we learn about building something new, sticking with the process, and getting better every day. I hope you dig episode 53. 

On this episode, Adrian Butler becomes the first person to be on the podcast 4 times. Adrian is an artist, musician, designer, father, and brilliant human. Enjoy one of the last episodes of the decade with Adrian. 

Christopher Andrus business owner of The Mitten Brewing and The Mitten Foundation is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and now author of the new book Beyond The Bottom Line talks about this week of thanks, how to impact your community, and changing the way we see giving in our businesses and even our daily lives. 


Mitten Brewing

Christopher Andrus 

For episode 50 Nick Behling and I talk about Tik Tok, what is great about Disney + and the Mandalorian, and how you can create a ton of content really quickly. Enjoy. 

On this episode, we are talking about the art of public speaking, how I prepare, how I get ready for the audience, how to find fans in the audience quickly and drown out the din of people who might not dig your point of view. 

Mikey B buys, sells, and breaks baseball, + football cards and I am fascinated by this space so I reached out to see if we could have a conversation. Mikey and I had a blast and I even got to open some packs of cards with him towards the end. You can find him all over the social web at any of these links: 

Mikey B Cards YouTube

Mikey B Cards Instagram 

Mikey B Cards Twitter 

This was one of my favorite episodes to do because I had not met Mikey before and had no idea how much fun we were going to have. I hope you dig it as much as I did making it. 


September 24, 2019

EP 47: Best Week Ever

9 talks in 7 days I am having an amazing week because of the people that are in my life cheering on the work. Plus let's talk about the process of creating a talk.

Dave Sandford is an award-winning photographer who has photographed the NHL, NBA, and the Olympics but his passion is wildlife photography. You might have seen his work with the November Storms and waves of Lake Erie or his Great White Shark photos in the #shotoniphone campaign, but Dave is someone whose work you will not soon forget. I had a blast talking with him

July 30, 2019

EP 45: “7 Minutes”

For this episode we are trying something new for summer, I have been writing a lot and some of those musings have turned into a thing that might make for a cool podcast. So this is the first one of those that I hope you enjoy and as always I appreciate the feedback. 

On this episode, we talk to Mark Boothe about the 25th anniversary of the digital ad and what impact that has had on the world around us. 

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